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ds - dynamic source

Web development is very volatile. Software besides its name, sometimes are hardcoded. Almost hardware.

At server side, ds - dynamic source - is in someway similar to PHP. It is targeted for back end development with easy programming through .ds file extension, with the difference, that it compiled into native CPU code and preserve C++ powerful syntax.

ds generates a DLL in Windows, SO in Linux or DYLIB in OS X that transparently hotplugs into the ca2 netnode web server, and, if you're debugging the web server, you are able to step into your scripts.

ds extends C++ by adding loosely-typed-script-scoped variables like PHP, that cross-work with strong C++ typed variables and objects and supports in-script-scoped classes, functions, templates, MACROS and variables.

You are able to overload default ca2 netnode web server into a particular web server application, to include your libraries and most used functions, classes and templates just like another Visual Studio project in Windows, Code Blocks project in Linux or Xcode project in OS X.

Any operating system library, third-party library or ca2 library can be linked and any function called.

It is ideal for dedicated or insulated environment.

A ds example:

>> quality ensurance