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karaoke program for singing fans


intelligent intercommunication


Plain text editor with <ESC> <:q> <Enter> <G> <(line)G> and <i>.

veriwell simple Video Player

video program for watchers

show for software developers

What is ca2 for software developers?
It is a C++ software development platform and a source of revenue.
ca2 may be thought as a land. A land that is always under construction, always growing, always get more and more developed and better.

What is ca2 for ca2 software end-users?
It is a source of loving and pleasant software.

What is ca2?

It is quite embarassing and complex to express and define ca2, although an attempt to explain it shortly is done throughout ca2.info/main.

By other side, our experiences about something can express much more what this thing really ouputs to our inputs and the reciprocal.
So, give yourself a chance and start by experiencing ca2!
  Start by experiencing ca2!
Start by using a ca2 program and analyzing the features it can deliver.

It uses ca2 almost-open source code and is planned to integrate with sensitive code, the one that is used by the server user.

Register yourself at account.ca2.cc. It's free and required!

Access the source code, develop and build applications of ca2 platform with ca2 association registration in developer.ca2.cc.
It's free but requires knowledge in C++ and background and experience in programming is much better, if your role is programming developer, for example!

Find more release programs in ca2 application store store.ca2.cc

Find devhot version of ca2 applications in code.ca2.cc.

You need to apply for the license of the release version in store.ca2.cc or similar gateway implementations. If the license is paid, even software developers need apply to them.

The software that uses ca2 original licenses - which are the preferred one - are thought to be really affordable.
Find more information about ca2 for software developers at ca2.info/software/developer/.
  Use free tools to develop,
develop almost
freely !

The current main development effort is targeted to Microsoft® Windows® operational systems.
So you will need at least one recent Windows license - Windows 10 Pro preferred - internet connection - 5Mb/s preferred - eletricity and almost only this.
The main IDE used for development is Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition 1 (configured with C++).
Subversion - SVN - is used for source control. The main recommended SVN client is TortoiseSVN.
The repository lies at repos.ca2.cc and can be accessed via web.
Invest just some of your precious - time and resources.






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